Sunday, June 18, 2006

The Phillips Ranch

And we're back in business! Sort of, anyway. Blogger has been having all kinds of
problems lately, apparently effecting everyone differently. I've been unable to
download photos. Mysterious. This is a free program. As such, I've been practicing
patience, trying hard not to complain while the blogger folks in California are working
diligently to correct the problems. Today, I logged on in hopes that it might be fixed
and was elated when things appeared to be up and running. It only worked long
enough for me to download a few, but at least I got one more post done!

Oh, and just a note, I added a little 'He Said, She Said' quote area in the right
margin which I'll update from time to time. Just a little food for thought and
inspiration for the day from the great artistic minds of our time
. I also added
our contact information and a countdown-to-special-events calendar; Although,
I don't know if I can stand the flashing advertisement that seems to be part of
the calendar thanks to the building program I borrowed to make it. We'll see if
that sticks around or not. Either way, I spent a better part of a day trying to figure
out HTML and making it work just so. I finally did it and was not a little proud of
my non-technical self.

Now, I just have a few more things from home that I really wanted to get posted

before moving back to all things Ireland. Here's one now...

Going home always means stopping in to see mom and Jim in Mason. We
really enjoy our time there -- This time, it was kind of my home base. I popped in
and out between visits elsewhere. It was nice to have a place to reset during my
three weeks home. Here are a few pictures and thoughts from our visit, starting with
David and his mom:

Sandy celebrated a birthday this weekend -- Happy birthday, mom!

Killian never misses a chance to snuggle. He brought his rope onto the couch
for a quick chew and some time with two of his favorite people.

Killian must have seen Jim doing this!

Jim and mom took us to Chelsea one evening. We saw several deer along the way.
Once there, we paid a visit to the Mule Skinner where Jim got a new summer hat,
which he dons in the picture above. After that, we had a wonderful meal at The
Common Grill and went to the gallery across the street to see what pieces they
were showing. It was such a nice night. How can you go wrong with an itinerary
like that? I could do it once a week and never tire of it. Chelsea is such an eclectic,
quaint, cute little town. When we got home, Jim showed us the vest he bought at
the Mule Skinner on an earlier trip there.

We were enlisted to do a little work in the yard while we were there. I've been
renting for over a decade now and haven't had a yard to work on. So, it was fun
for me, but I got to do some lighter weeding and things like that. David took on
the task of removing this beautiful ivy that Jim has been growing for twice the time
I've been renting! It's roots were beginning to work their way into the roof overhang
of the wall. Even though it was a little sad to see it go, it was probably a good thing
they did it when they did. Sandy and Jim have officially been bit by the landscaping
bug and are working tirelessly on their yard. They've already redone that area with
grasses and such.

I didn't get a proper before shot, but this picture kind of shows the work in progress.

This is just a shot of the chair out by the barn...It's so quiet and peaceful there.
I never thought I would want to live in the country, but after spending time in
Mason, I may be able to have my arm twisted in that direction someday. It's
just so peaceful and inspiring; Plus, Killian LOVES having the space to RUN!

I'm not sure that Mason is where we'd settle, but I could get used to the idea
of buying some land and making it our little corner of the world. I had a chance
to do some scrapbooking while I was home (which I have missed SO MUCH
since being in Ireland without my scrapbooking supplies). I worked on a wedding
gift/guest book for Eryn Phillips from the family/television room at Jim and Sandy's.
They have such a beautiful view from there, and I loved looking out over it while
taking a minute to decide on my next page design. I've now got my heart set not
only on a scrapbook room but one with a view. Maybe Kim can help us when that
when we move back and buy a house!!

I found this on the inside panel of an old wagon inside the barn. I've walked by it
so many times and never noticed it. I thought it was very cool for some reason.

David really likes being out in the barn when we're there. It's relaxing for him -
such a change of pace. He generally takes a few minutes to clean out the horse
stall. Kind of cute, isn't he? : )

Cruz, the horse, was very interested in David's activities, having no interest

of hanging out in the pasture while someone was in his stall. Killian wasn't
far behind...just on the other side of the fence to make sure he wasn't missing
anything important.

David got the job done quickly with the help of a little machinery...something Sandy
rented for the big landscaping day. Again, Cruz was right there to help!

See Killian at the bottom right corner? He never misses a beat. I learned something
new about Killian this trip...Apparently, he likes the taste of horse poo. Mmm.

Cruz, close up.

Here's Cruz outside, munching on some sweet spring grass. And with that,
we're done with out visit in Mason. We look forward to heading back there
for Eryn and Jeramie's wedding on September 2nd.

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