Thursday, May 04, 2006

Horse Show

Chances are good that only the people who have been lucky enough to
meet our amazing, little boy will appreciate these Killian posts. Even if you

don't like them so much, it's my blog and I can do what I want to! : )

Mom sends us Killian updates, sometimes several times a week. We look SO forward to them. I read each one several times, and David and I will usually talk about them that evening over dinner and smile, thinking of our little guy. Her stories are usually tales of Killian chasing Shorty the cat, or playing catch with the ball, or running in the fields with Belle, or getting into mom's balls of yarn, or how his manners are improving and he's "such a love"! This post is from one of her emails...

It just melted my heart. Jim sent along the illustrations to go with her story. WE MISS HIM SO MUCH!!

"Killian is a trip. Last night we were in bed reading and of course Killian was sleeping by me. Then the cat Shorty hopped on the bed and Jim petted him; soon the cat walked over Jim and got between us in his favorite position. Killian was nose to nose with Shorty for a long time. We took some cute pictures and Jim said he would send them to you. This morning however was even better. Killian went outside and Cruz walked over to the fence. Killian went out and sat down and just watched Cruz. Cruz gave him quite a show; running and leaping and kicking up his heels. Killian just sat there like he was watching TV!! We have those pictures and we’ll be sending them along!"

And now for the horse show...This is so cute! Cruz looks like he must have needed a moment to shine, or maybe, and this is what I like to think was happening, he saw Killian and thought he would put on a one-horse show for his friend. Killian sits observantly in the gallery enjoying all of Cruz's many talents and then they just stop for a moment to look at one another, appreciating their friendship and differences.

Thank goodness for digital photography and email. Mom and Jim, thanks for the stories and photos. We never tire of them!! Killian's first birthday is in a couple of days...May 9th. I'm so sad I won't be with him to celebrate it, but I'll see him on the 15th and can't wait!


TruJen Phtography said...

How cute is that!! I really love the shots. Jim really captured the story.

Just a few more days and you'll get to see your baby!
:o) Jen

Lindsay Teague Moreno | 5ive Photo said...

awwwwwwww...I LOVE THAT PUPPY! how cute is he? I can see he's totally fitting in at the grandparents house! Probably being spoiled to death (ala the first couple pictures). Awesome!


Anonymous said...

He is just a bundle of cute, isn't he?! I can't wait to see him!!!!