Thursday, April 13, 2006

I Might As Well Have Worn Braided Pig Tails and Called Myself Dorothy

I went to the mall on Wednesday. After buying four cute spring bottoms
at Marks & Spencer, I decided I needed three new pairs of shoes to go with
them. And then it hit me, there's no place like home. And of course, by home,
I mean Nordstrom's Shoe Department.

God, I miss that place! I recently purged my shoe selection, and then I figured
out that anything good about what remained was from Nordstroms. Since, I've
found my way "home" for more. But then we moved here, and I've gotta tell ya, I
don't know where these people shoe shop! The only department store with a good
selection is Brown Thomas in Dublin...But everything there costs well over $300.
And since I'm currently unemployed, I can't quite justify the $1,400 shoe. (I don't
think I could if I was employed!) Besides that, there are three shoe stores
in the mall -- one is filled with cheap, uncomfortable, won't-last-long shoes. The
other is a Clarks store, which has comfortable shoes, but they don't have the styles
I'm looking for. And the third was filled with 37 kids (with nothing better to do than
shop with their mom while on Easter holiday) and shoes that were just OK.

I was so sad. And just then, I saw a pair of glittery red flats that I almost bought
so I could click the heels together three times while saying, "There's no place like
Nordstroms. There's no place like Nordstroms." At that point, I thought it might be
worth a try!


Trujen said...

I know this isn't the same as getting a pair of shoes the minute you want them, but I think catalog shopping is what you'll have to do. :o(

Cute piece though, Dorthy.


Jonesy said...

Ferry ticket from Dublin to Londoon : 44 Euro

Chunnel Ticket from London to Paris: 74 Euro

Shopping at Chanel, Vuitton and Dior ...Priceless!

Lindsay Teague said... shopping...or...i'll ask my mom about this site that has EVERY SHOE IMAGINABLE...and free shipping (not sure about international though). that might be an option.

what shoes could you possibly need besides crocs though?