Tuesday, January 13, 2009

{I'm Addicted to You}

I've been tagged by the ever fabulous Miss Carlene Federer
-- otherwise known as blogger of all things Unruly -- to
share five things I am addicted to. Je suis adonn√© √†…

1) Coffee -- It's the most obvious of my must haves, and the
one thing to which I am chemically dependent.

I've got to have it every morning. I love the smell, warmth, taste,
and ritual. Must have coffee. No sugar, plenty of skim milk, please.
Without it, I have a headache that no pain reliever can fix, and I
crave a nap from 11am until bedtime. Hand in hand with my coffee
addiction, goes my love of coffee mugs. My favorites are heavy,
large and have some kind of sentimental value or representation.

2) My laptop and the world wide web. :)

Blogs, news, email, Google, recipes, photography stuff, ASU's
blackboard, green living ideas, Netflix. Inspiration & information
of all kinds. It's how I start and end my day. (Not to mention all
the times I log on in between.) When I'm not online, I can still
entertain myself for hours, downloading and editing photos or
writing. Having a laptop with wireless Internet is this girl's
heaven. And I don't think I'm alone. A recent survey showed
46% of women say they would rather go without sex for two
weeks than go that long without Internet access. Only 30%
of men would make the same trade-off. (Harris Interactive)

3) The Week is the best magazine EVER.

I can't live without it. It is delivered to my mailbox 50 weeks
out of the year, and I am always so happy to see it! I read it
every single night when I crawl into bed. The articles in The
Week are short. Making them perfect for night time reading,
and because each issue only has a half a dozen ads, I don't have
to spend time flipping to find something worth reading. This
magazine totally rocks and never disappoints. It covers every-
thing that's happened during the previous week -- national,
international, and even some entertainment. When I finish
the current one, it's time to check the mail.

4) Method cleaning supplies

I'm sure if I did this post ten years ago, cleaning supplies would
not have made the list. Alas, I love everything about this stuff!
Most notably that it's all non-toxic and it smells fantastic.
I am totally hooked on the all surface spray in cucumber scent,
along with the good for wood dusting spray. It's amazing and
totally kicks Pledge's ass. There's just no comparison. And the
best in glass cleaner is a new favorite. They're all smooth, and
they doesn't smell of chemicals or leave streaks. Target carries
it -- in case you're interested. :)

5) Candy -- Like a little kid with the stuff. I love it. I wish I
didn't, but I do. Cherry sours, lemon drops, hot tamales, junior
mints, peppermint patties, licorice, grapefruit slices, really
good chocolate, and anything hazelnut. I'm a sucker for sugar,
and I don't go many days without a little something sweet.

Now that I've bared my addiction addled soul, it's time to tag
five others to do this. Ladies, you're it! Hopefully you'll do this
and tag five more people -- or not. :)


Trisha said...

We share two favorites! Our love of coffee and candy! I'm not lying when I tell you that I have probably had a box of junior mints of peppermint patties every night for the past 5 years. I think it must be essential in order for my body to function. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hello Sam! Love the blog, and since cleaning your house I've found that I too enjoy cleaning products. Especially the almond one. :)

Anonymous said...

so i'm loving your coffee mug collection! and THE WEEK looks so interesting...i'm thinking i'm going to have to check it out. why have i never heard of it before?
love your addiction list. :)

TruJen Phtography said...

LOVE the mugs!
Traveler's Club! Yea! Can't believe you still have that. :o)
Fun post!
Making my list now.

Kristi @ Mi Vida Ocupada said...

I need to look into those cleaning supplies, I am all for Green!
Would you believe I do not drink coffee or eat candy??? (almost 32 years without a cavity too!)
I will try to get to posting my addictions tonight or tomorrow!

Sue Thomas said...

You've got me wanting to try Method cleaning products!!! You're such an enabler! LOL!!!!!

carlene federer said...

I knew that most of your "addictions" would actually be virtues! You are so good! I haven't tried the Method stuff yet, but have been hearing about it...definitely on my Target list!
mmmmm, candy yum! Lemon Drops & Hot Tamales are faves...just make sure you're flossing, lol!
Love the Internet statistic...but I would have guessed the number for dudes would have been much lower!!!
Thanx for playing Sam, you are so fun!

Samara Link said...

You saw the Travelers Club -- awesome. You know, I actually got that in 2006 when I was home for a visit. Jen Jones and I went there for breakfast after she had come to Jim and Sandy's to stay the night with me. We had a pretty intense conversation at one point that night -- huge moment for us.
The next day we went there and laughed and laughed over breakfast. I bought those mugs for us -- one for her and one for me -- when she went to the little girls room. So, we each have one now. I love that.

Unknown said...

Loved this post! I'm going to have to try the Method products and the magazine! Thanks for the tips!

Lindsay Teague Moreno | 5ive Photo said...

i can attest that you are indeed addicted to all things on this list. If only people knew you actually called the people at Method up to talk about their products with them. ha!