Wednesday, January 14, 2009

{Coming Soon}

I always like to have a project of some kind in progress.
One of my latest is a table redo.

It's finally coming along,
now that I've returned my attention to it.
Funny how that works...

I spent some time with the table's legs recently.

Looking forward to moving it inside
and sharing the finished product soon.
The legs need a third coat of stain
and then time to dry.

What are you working on?


Lis said...

OH! I cant wait to see it! Thats an awesome picture of you working on your LEGS! =)! I wish i was working on a fun project like that! I will be SOON! Because SOON im going to have SPACE for more STUFF!!!!

TruJen Phtography said...

Looking good!
Can't wait!
What a difference since I sat at it (a year ago).
I just finished Elle's blanket. Sad because it's her Christmas gift! Now I'm going to print up a bunch of photos to scrap. My weekend scrap is coming! YEA!

Sue Thomas said...

I'm not working on anything as fun as a table but you've got me thinking of things around our house that need refinishing!

TruJen Phtography said...

Just wanted to add...
Great photos!
Love the legs!

Unknown said...

Very nice! I *LOVE* projects like this. Something about working with your hands and having a finished product. Can't wait to see it all :)